Catholic Health Initiatives PHARMACY TECH II - PHARMACY - FULL TIME in LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas




Prepare medications in specialized areas of Pharmacy service, i.e., surgery, critical care areas, and IV admixture department; assist pharmacists in other technical aspects of pharmaceutical practice.


  1. Perform all duties of Pharmacy Technician 1:

a. Perform in accordance with established policies and procedures all packaging and other duties related to the preparation of medication for distribution to inpatients, subject to pharmacist check.

b. "Pick" or otherwise assemble doses of medication for distribution to inpatients, subject to pharmacist check, using computer-generated fill list or strip.

c. Restock supplies in IV room, assemble ingredients, organize workflow, maintain files; deliver completed IV admixtures.

d. Maintain all records and documents relating to controlled drug distribution and usage; conduct audits of all controlled substance storage areas as deemed necessary by Director.

e. Replenish, maintain records, and deliver drug supply carts to special care areas.

f. Restock, process charge vouchers, and assure current dating of all drug supplies contained in crash cart drug trays and emergency drug boxes.

g. Prepare floor stock and satellite orders, subject to pharmacist check.

h. Restock unit-dose medications; remove outdated products.

i. Fill medications from strips printed by the computer.

j. Deliver and exchange medication bins to patient room.

k. Credit all medications and return to stock.

l. Transfer medications and return to stock.

m. Pull medications from all discharged patient bins and issue proper credit.

n. Print identification for medication bins.

o. Dispense, receive, and reconcile controlled substances daily with Anesthesiology department.

p. Review Anesthesiology records daily to extract all Pharmacy charges.

q. Restock cassettes for ophthalmology surgery and for cardiac surgery.

r. Perform monthly nursing station inspections.

1.Perform reconstitution of antibiotics according to established procedures.

2.Compound multi-additive IV admixtures under supervision of licensed pharmacist.

3.Perform basic calculations required for IV compounding.

4.Perform drug information retrieval including IV compatibility and drug interactions.

5.Perform computer order entry under supervision of licensed pharmacist.


  1. Enter data into computer in order to reprint IV labels; process credit, record waste, and determine current status of specific IV orders.

  2. Perform computer functions involving credits/charge and ADT functions in inpatient system.

  3. Perform duties required in processing discharged/transferred patients' medications and records.

  4. Prepare name cards for patient medication bins.

  5. File physicians' orders and other documents.

  6. Communicate with nursing and other personnel regarding distribution of medication; answer phone, refer calls, take messages, etc.

  7. Assist in training new personnel in duties related to area of specialty.

  8. Perform other related duties as assigned.



  1. High school diploma, GED, Metropolitan Test, or equivalent.

  2. Must have at least one year of experience as a Pharmacy Technician

  3. Must successfully complete the ASHP’s Sterile Product Preparation Training Module.

  4. Must successfully complete a structured on-the-job didactic and experiential training program which provides 40 hours of instruction and experience in the IV room by a pharmacist.

  5. Must pass the National Pharmacy Technician Certification test within the first year of being selected to the position of pharmacy technician II.

  6. Must have current AR Pharmacy Technician License or a current AR Pharmacy Intern License.

Job Clinical Support


Daily Schedule FULL TIME

Scheduled Hours per 2-week Pay Period 80

Weekends Required Occasional

Req ID: 2018-R0152919